DATABYTES INTEGRATED SERVICES is an organization incorporated in Nigeria and dedicated to the sales, implementation, support and training of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Accounting software solutions, also involve in the development and implementation of business solution for organizations of all size. Databytes has enjoyed continuous success since incorporated, which we attribute to our policy of exceeding customers’ expectations and good customer services. Clients are not only supplied with the right solutions but solutions backed by the highest standards of support.


Our services and products are designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s business world. It is based on the latest development in hardware and software technology and is the result of a carefully planned programme of research and development.


At DATABYTES INTEGRATED SERVICES, we have built a talented and highly motivated team of professionals. Much of our success is due to their total dedication to the needs of our client. They provide real solutions for clients based on a solid foundation of business process knowledge, both of our services and that of customers’ process. Many of our experienced consultants have a background in accounts/finance, IT and Business Process. They have all worked on product development with our software development specialists and provide pre- and post-implementation assistance. At DATABYTES INTEGRATED SERVICES, our aim is to deliver to expectation and provide services that are comprehensive and relevant today business world.


At DATABYTES INTEGRATED SERVICES, we believe that every expectation met will be a source of referral for other opportunities. Our services and product are tailored to client specific needs and they are flexible to accommodate growth and complexity which may arise due to growth in business operations or management report needs