When you are managing payroll, there is no room for error. With the Sage HRMS Payroll software solution, you get a comprehensive and flexible solution that helps you easily manage your organization’s payroll so you can process payroll accurately and quickly, every time. Sage HRMS Payroll makes it easy to produce paychecks on demand, run trial payrolls, and make last-minute changes with no hassle. It helps you easily meet the needs of your unique organization with flexible features including unlimited earnings, taxes, and deduction types, multiple user-defined pay groups, and customizable actions.

Leverage seamless integration with Sage HR payroll software solutions to eliminate duplicate data entry, simplify reporting, and automatically link benefit plans in HR to deductions in payroll. Plus, Sage HRMS Payroll empowers payroll managers to:

  • Preview and print standard and customized checks and direct deposit advices for selected pay groups.
  • Support unlimited direct deposit accounts for each employee, as well as automatic ACH file creation.
  • Enable employees to manage a variety of personal payroll information when used with Sage ESS.
  • Provide employees with paperless paychecks with the Sage Payroll PayCard.

Easy-to-use setup wizards help you establish tax, earnings, and deduction codes so you can quickly perform critical payroll functions and modify the system to meet your unique needs. With the Sage HRMS Payroll software solution, you can meet government and management reporting requirements with comprehensive reporting tools including more than 100 built-in reports, SAP Crystal Reports® for Sage HRMS, and the easy-to-use Secure Query report writer. Sage HRMS Payroll provides support for both U.S. and Canadian companies, helping you confidently meet government tax regulations and payment deadlines with automatic quarterly updates:

  • U.S. companies get a full range of tax management capabilities including all standard tax tables, compatibility with Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), and electronic media reporting for all states.
  • For Canadian companies, Sage HRMS Payroll includes automatic federal and provincial tax tables, supports filing requirements for the EFTPS, and accommodates both the check and direct deposit filing methods.

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